N1MM+ User Defined Contest File


We have created files for the free N1MM+ logging software so that you can log the contest and see your score in real time. All college/university stations are scored according to their registration. 


Installation instructions:


0. Download and install N1MM+

1. Download the zip file 

2. Put CQP.udc into Documents/N1MM Logger+/UserDefinedContests

3. Put COLLEGES.sec into Documents/N1MM Logger+/SupportFiles

4. Open N1MM and create a log for CQP (Collegiate QSO Party)

5. Once you have your log and default exchange setup, in N1MM go Config->Enable Call History Lookup

6. Import the call history file colleges.txt via File->Import->Import Call History...



NOTE: These files are updated as new college/university stations are registered which may occur up until the end of the event. Please note that stations that register after you download the file will not be scored properly in N1MM+, but log submissions will still be scored properly after submission. You can also download a new copy of the files at the end of the contest and reload in N1MM+ to make sure you have the most accurate raw score but this is not required as we will score all logs after submission.